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Here's a link to a class presentation on atmospheric neutrinos.

Atmospheric Neutrinos

Here's the presentation in web format (for IE only, sorry...)

Atmospheric Neutrinos

My collaboration meeting talks:

Berkeley-Spring '05-Flashers in Photonics

London-Fall '05-String 21 Flashers in AMANDA

Baton Rouge-Spring '06-Geometry and Timing Verification with Flashers

Baton Rouge-Hole Ice and Freeze-In Studies with Flashers

Baton Rouge-Spring '06-A First Look at Standard Candle Data

Penn State-Summer '06-A Study of Detecting Gamma Rays from H.E.S.S. Sources with IceCube

Penn State-Summer '06-Standard Candle Simulations

Zeuthen-Fall '06-The IceCube Bubble Camera

Zeuthen-Fall '06-2007 Cascade Pole Filtering