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Michelangelo D'Agostino

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Teachers are some of the most heroic people in America — fighting every day to give our kids the educations that they deserve. Underpaid, underrespected, and overworked, it's only natural that teachers sometimes feel frustrated, ignored, and isolated. When that happens, Donors Choose represents a lifeline, allowing teachers to reach out to their local, regional, and national communities to help their students achieve. The maps below show how those communities have responded over the years, knitting together teachers, schools, and communities into a complex fabric of support. These visualizations remind us that, when it comes to educating our children, we're all in it together.

For each city, the first map shows schools that have posted DonorsChoose projects. The next three maps connect donors to the schools they donated to — zoomed to the local, regional, and national scales. Click on each map for a larger version.

As an educational tool, I hope these maps can provide encouragement to students by showing them how their cities, their regions, and their country are reaching out to support them. On a more practical level, these maps can help teachers to understand where likely donors for a project might come. Some communities, like San Francisco and Memphis, receive the bulk of their support from the local level. Others, like New Orleans, Miami, and Detroit receive primarily national support. With this information, teachers can tailor their project pitches to their most likely donors.


22,170 projects from 1,517 schools

40,135 donations: 53% local, 3% regional, 44% national

New York

41,494 projects from 1,915 schools

76,233 donations: 52% local, 14% regional, 34% national

Los Angeles

14,959 projects from 1,267 schools

29,668 donations: 44% local, 19% regional, 37% national

San Francisco

18,516 projects from 1,136 schools

34,486 donations: 58% local, 12% regional, 30% national


3,843 projects from 615 schools

5,943 donations: 27% local, 17% regional, 56% national


9,862 projects from 944 schools

22,882 donations: 57% local, 1% regional, 42% national


2,950 projects from 460 schools

6,801 donations: 46% local, 1% regional, 53% national


3,437 projects from 511 schools

7,033 donations: 29% local, 11% regional, 60% national


3,979 projects from 313 schools

7,733 donations: 62% local, 3% regional, 35% national


3,286 projects from 625 schools

5,444 donations: 31% local, 9% regional, 60% national


2,918 projects from 541 schools

5,802 donations: 46% local, 4% regional, 50% national

New Orleans

3,931 projects from 319 schools

7,520 donations: 15% local, 1% regional, 84% national